Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Amazing experience @ The Chateau

Its our anniversary and all we want is just a getaway from the hustle bustle city.

Indecisive between the affordable colmar tropicale and luxurious chateau.. In the end we both decided to give both a nite to try.

And the chateau is TOTALLY AMAZING with one word to describe on EVERYTHING 😉 - EXCELLENT!!

Both Colmar and Chateau were situated next to each other on the Berjaya hills

First you will see this

Then, here we saw the palace of the night. Greeted by the guard which can track their guest by their name (i'm actually greeted by the guard upon entering the resort 😱)

Yar.. They only allow in house guest to enter the compound. 
Plus.. This place does not allow ANY children (children proof place) haha

Next on to the 'wow' factor
Checking into our room...
Usually we need to look for the counter and give them our booking crap

This place is ultimate cool 😁 they actually guide us to a VIP LOUNGE with comfy chairs, newspaper and guess what

A special welcome drink which is quite refreshing 😋

Upon filling the forms to check in, the boyfie decided to rest and relax at the lounge with his newspaper 😎

After sipping the welcome drink, we decided to go to our little space- superior room

And TADA~~ our anniversary decoration (of course this is upon request) 😊
- bedroom view
- toilet view
- living area? 😜
- pantry stuffs

- and this is quite 'wow' to me coz they actually provide us great tea leaves and ground coffee powder (and comes with da machine to make the coffee 😍)

Done with the room.. So lets move on around the resort
*spot my fav Christmas tree!!*
*garden area*
And we pressume there isnt many guests coz we met up with alot staffs along the way instead of other guests 

They even have a wedding centre for ROM i supposed and a business centre

Infinity pool spotted and still nobody is swimming in it 😅

Done tourz.. Lets go bac and enjoy our room with our toy 😝

After a cup of ground coffee.. Mua decided to fully utilize the pool

But.. Swimming alone also no fun..
So decided to rest n relax on the pangkin by the pool with the boyfie ☺️

And guess what we saw after the swim
A special surprise by the hotel staff 😍

Next on
Getting ready for our Dinner 😌

Wonderful lighted up christmas tree along the way

Decided to dine at La Vie (more affordable one)

Dine by the pool all alone in the restaurant .. Its totally like we have booked the place for the night (coz the resort is ALMOST empty 😁)

French culture is to start the meal with some Bread

Mua salmon fillet

Boyfie's beef burger

In conclusion: fair meal but bit pricey 😅
And check dis out>>
Hotel staffs actually made our bed while we are away 😉 (awww..)
And they actually prepared some mini supper 😙

Ended the night with a sip of red wine 😊

After a good day n comfy night spent..

A great sunshine with wonderful breakfast area at Belle Vue

And guess what.. Buffet Breakfast is served on da table 😍

Bread selection, green apple juice, yogurt and coffee 😗

The place they prepare the breakkie

Omelette with ma fav sauteed mushroomsss n potato 😋

Little crepe with maple syrup n jam

Thats all for now of The Chateau ❤️
Wonderful experience 

Merry christmas y'all 💌

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

joyeux anniversaire mon amour

joyeux anniversaire mon amour ❤️

Happy 5th anniversary my love

It has always been hard to meet when u were in sg

And when u were back, hectic schedule is suffocating you

All we wanted is just TIME for each other away from work emails and calls

Its totally a well spent weekend @thechateau with splendid tranquility & serenity

Uttermost services and constant surprises.. Enjoying every moment at the place and wishing to spend more time like this with you ❤️

 💏 60th month milestone checked. 

Your gf 💋

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In loved :)

Pictures are so pretty but wouldnt wanna post this on fb ☺️

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Port Campbell Me ♥ the MOST =)

Great Ocean Road kickstart from Apollo Bay
we had passed few stops previously.. 
and here we go the coastal attraction scenic view from the 12 Apostles

*Stop 1*
right before the entrance there is a podium facing the sea
tourmate 1
tourmate 3
and he is rushing away from the coastal already :D
 The wind along the coastal of Great Ocean Road is stronger than anywhere we had been to

Make our Mark on the 12 Apostles

spot the rocks from afar..
those aint normal rocks..
they are the historic rocks worth an eye opening session
coz sooner or later these ROCKS will be gradually destroyed by the sea waves due to erosion
closer shots of the rocks

This is an overview of the Apostles
In fact, there isnt 12 Apostles already now..
if not mistaken left about 9 Apostles only :(
there is also helicopter services to bring ppl around to see it from sky
BUT cost AUD800 per pax per trip :D

The beauty of the coastal

every rock look as stunning as ever..
aint normal rock huh XD

well proved I have been to one of the Most-go place of the world
Some candids by my tourmate XD 

Final shots before we leave =)

At the souvenir shop upon exit, my handsem bfie XD
Next on along the coastal road
*Stop 2 - Loch Ard Gorge * 

Along our way to the Wreck 1st

The Wreck
Scenic view of The Wreck

Overview from the Deck of The Wreck
Learning to use the Panaroma of imma I5 :D
 After the Wreck
move on to *Living by the Edge*

its the story of the 2 survivors

profile pic? :D
Snap shots along the edge

Then we move on to Geology Section to learn some Geology stuffs 

profile pic 2? :D
moody weather..
rain is coming soon

We are DONE for the Loch Ard Gorge
Jom.. its almost evening already when we are done for the Gorge..
So we head down to our hostel 1st
Port Campbell Ranch House 
*highly recommend!! coz its CHEAP and BIG and near to anywhere :D*
Front view
side view

lower floor

under the stairs

upstairs :)
view from the balcony
dont u love the sun the view and everything here :D

have a cuppa tea shall we :D
After done settle down..
we continue on the Coastline to a few more other stops before our DINNER ^.*
*Stop 3 - London Bridge*

from afar

the greeneries and the sea view is always breathtaking

Clost shots of the rocks & the sea

Originally it WAS london bridge

but due to SEA erosion
we only get to see London Arch

breathtakin sea view
Profile pic 3 ^.^
*Stop 4 - The Grotto*

you will always wanna snap a pix for this background XD

sunset soon

The Grotto


Heading to the Deck of The Grotto

From the upper deck

heading down the stairs to find the treasure of nature


DONE for the coastal..
time for DINNER :D

NICE food nice view nice atmosphere
*will come again*

cool in-house fireplace

Draught beer *thumbs up*

Cheers for our 3 days trip over the outskirt area
we are going back CITY the next day

sunset view from the restaurant

Please do come here when you are going to Port Campbell ^.*
Foodiegraph for your cravings.. :D

the restaurant is right opposite our hostel..
we literally RAN BACK to hostel as the weather is only 8degree - 10 degree
totally freezing cold to Asians with hot sun all year round you know.. XD

so this is how we kept warm -
utilizing the air-cond as warmer

Greeted by a Rainbow the next morning
Life is always beautiful when you travel
Greeted by great view, fresh air
wondering how many more places over the Globe that we have to step on 
to grasp everything in our memory
During the travelblog of my melb trip,
i realise
pictures are always the best memory box to save all memorable moments and scenery
and i think i will keep my blog for travel-log to rmb places i've been to ^.*